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Contrats de travail vierges Chine

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1 Contrats de travail vierges Chine le Ven 29 Nov - 4:40



Ci dessous un contrat de travail vierge utilisable en l'état : vous trouverez la version anglaise puis la version chinoise équivalente.

N'hésitez pas à me demander pour des infos complémentaires.



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Labor Contract
Company (Employer)
Legal Representative (Principal):
Corporate Business License No.:

Employee (Staff):
Certificate Name:
Certificate No.:

In accordance with the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Labor Law) and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Labor Contracts (hereinafter referred to as the Labor Contract Law) and any other related laws, acts and regulations, through negotiations both parties hereby conclude this contract in the principle of equality and mutual benefit.

Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Board” means the board of directors of the Company from time to time or a duly authorized committee thereof (if any)

“Commencement date” means    of                               the date of commencement of clauses of this Labor Contract

“Group” means the Company, its Subsidiaries such as liaison offices and/or branch offices, its holding companies and other related companies of the Company as regarded by the Company within the group of companies of the Company in its sole and absolute discretion from time to time

“Renminbi or RMB” means the legal currency of China.

“China” means the People’s Republic of China.

"Intellectual Property" means and includes letters, patents, trade marks, whether registered or unregistered or unregistered designs, utility models, copyrights including design copyrights, applications for any of the foregoing and the right to apply for them in any part of the world, discoveries, creations inventions, or improvements upon or addition to an invention, confidential information, know-how and any research effort relating to the businesses of the Group whether able to register or not, moral rights and any similar rights in any country

“Probation period” means the probation period referred to in Clause 2.3 hereof

1.2 Words denoting the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa.

1.3 Words denoting any gender or the neuter include all the genders and the neuter and words denoting persons shall include individuals, firms, corporations and associations and vice versa.

1.4 Unless the context otherwise requires reference to clause or sub-clause is to a Clause or Sub-clause to this Labor Contract.

1.5 The headings do not form part of this Labor Contract and are for convenience only and shall not be taken into account in its construction or interpretation.

1.6 Reference to “this Agreement” shall mean this Labor Contract and the Appendices hereto (if any).

1.7 References to any statute, law, ordinance, subsidiary legislation or regulation shall include references to the same as may from time to time be amended, consolidated or re-enacted.


2.1 In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract, the Company shall employ the employee; and the employees shall serve the Company and/ or the group.

2.2 The Company employs the employee to serve as                 . The employee may refer to the job description for detail (including title of position and/or type of work) in Clause 2.4 hereof. The Company, for business requirements and under the premise of explaining to the employee in advance, is entitled to adjust the position of the employee; the employee agrees that the Company can adjust his/ her position appropriately.

2.3 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Employee shall be subject to a probation period of  months commencing from the Commencement Date. The Commencement Date is  and the contract period is open-ended.  

2.4 The job description and requirements are as follows, but not limited to:

2.5 Within the business scope of the Company and/ or the Group, the employee shall not carry out business for himself/ herself or for others. During the term of the Labor Contract, the employee shall not participate in or take up a position concurrently in any company and/ or enterprise competing with the Company and/ or the Group, and/ or in the same industry as the Company and/ or the Group, or with a company and/ or enterprise that is a Client or business associate of the Company and/ or the Group, unless a written permission from the Company is obtained in advance.

2.6 Due to work requirements and upon the consensus of the Parties through consultation, the Company and/ or the group are entitled to adjust the position and work place of the employee. The Company shall explain the situation by providing written information concerning the new position in an appropriate method and the reasons for the reorganization and/ or relocation to the employee. Excluding that situation that the employee is not competent for the work, the employer is entitled to adjust or change the position of the employee; under other circumstances, it shall be decided by both Parties through consultation on how to reorganize / relocate the position and the job description.

Duties of the employee

3.1 The Employee shall during employment:

(a) diligently and faithfully serve the Company and/or the Group (if required by the Company) in the capacity and shall in such capacity devote such of his time and attention to the business of the Company and/or the Group and shall use his best endeavors to develop and extend such business and shall in all matters act loyally to the Company;

(b) perform such duties as the Board may, from time to time, assign to him in connection with the business of the Company and /or the Group subject to such resolutions, regulations or directions as to the scope of his duties or authority or manner of carrying out the same as may be made or given by the Board from time to time;

(c) serve the Company by giving the benefit of his knowledge, expertise and technical skills;

(d) at all times keep the Board promptly and fully informed (in writing, if so requested) of all matters relating to or in connection with the performance and exercise of his duties and powers under this Agreement;

(e) in the discharge of his duties and in the exercise of his powers under this Agreement, observe and comply with all lawful resolutions, regulations and directions from time to time made or given by the Board to the best of his skills and ability; and

(f) in pursuance of his duties under this Agreement, perform such services for the Group and (without further remuneration unless otherwise agreed) accept such offices or duties in the Group as the Board may from time to time require.

3.2 The Employee shall work in China at such locations as the Board may from time to time direct and/or travel for business purposes to any part of the world which the business of the Company may require or as the Board may direct from time to time.

3.3 The Employee may carry out his duties and exercise his power jointly with any other executives or employees of the Company or any companies of the Group from time to time and the Board may at any time require the Employee to cease performing any of his duties or exercising any of his powers under this Agreement.


4.1 In consideration of the performance by the Employee of his duties hereunder, during his employment under this Agreement:

(a) subject to (b) below, the Company shall pay the Employee a remuneration of a Gross Salary amounting to RMB                 per month which shall accrue from day to day and be payable in arrears on the last day of every calendar month.

(b) The Company shall reimburse the Employee for all out-of-pocket expenses reasonably and properly incurred by the Employee in carrying out his duties in connection with the businesses of the Company and the Group upon production of the relevant invoices or receipts.

4.2 Each year, an appraisal exercise will be conducted by the management on all levels of staff to determine the rate of salary increment.  Depending on the financial performance of the Company, staff may or may not enjoy any increment on their salary. In case the Company decides not to provide an increment on salary, the Employee will have no claim against the Company.

4.3 Each year, the Company has the right to pay or not to pay a discretionary secondary bonus to the Employee. In case the Company decides not to pay a discretionary secondary bonus, the Employee will have no claim against the Company.

4.4 The Employee shall not be entitled to any remuneration whatsoever in respect of any services provided by him under this Agreement or any compensation or fees whatsoever as an officer or employee of the Company or of any members of the Group other than such remuneration specified in Clause 4.1 hereof.

Working Time, Rest and Leave
5.1 The Company is entitled to adjust the work shift and rest day of the employee due to business requirements on condition that it shall guarantee that the employee can rest at least one day a week.

5.2 The Company shall arrange the employee to take a holiday during the statutory holidays (including the New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, May Day, National Day, and other holidays specified by laws) according to the laws.

5.3 The Employee shall be entitled, in respect of each year of service with the Company, to 5 days  leave with full pay and shall be taken at such time or times as may be convenient to the Company having regard to the need of the Company’s or the Group’s businesses. Leave applications should be submitted to and approved by the department manager. Additionally the employee is entitled to 5 days sick leave which should be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

5.4 Leave cannot be accumulated and must be taken each year before the 31st December. Any annual  
leave not taken will lapse each year on the 31st December.

Standard of Conduct

6.1 During his employment under this Agreement, the Employee shall perform and observe the following stipulations (as though each of the same was the subject of a separate agreement by him with the Company) that:

(a) he shall use all best endeavors to promote the interests, businesses and profitability of the Company or the Group (if required by the Company);

(b) he shall devote his whole time to his duties and shall personally attend to such duties at all times during Office Hours except in case of illness or accident.  It is a specific term herein and notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary that he may be required to attend to his duties at such times beyond Office Hours depending on the needs of the businesses of the Company and of the Group (if required by the Company), without overtime payment or compensation thereof.;

(c) he shall conduct himself with propriety and in a sober manner;

(d) he shall not accept from any business associates of the Company or the Group any gifts or benefits monetary or otherwise which are of material value without the consent of the Board or in any manner ask for or solicit any such gifts or benefits of material value from business associates of the Company or the Group;

(e) he shall not himself undertake or carry on or be a partner or otherwise engage in any business or do any work or render any assistance in any capacity whatsoever for or to any person, firm or company other than the Company or any company within the Group, unless so agreed to by the Board; and

(f) unless with prior written authorization from the Board, he shall not have any authority or power to enter into, sign or execute any contracts, agreements or documents of whatsoever nature with a third party (which includes any members of the Group) for and on behalf of the Company or any company of the Group.

Alteration, Cancellation and Termination of the Labor Contract

7.1 Employers and employees may alter the contents as stipulated in the labor contract upon consensus by consultation. The alterations to the labor contracts shall be made in written form. The employer and the employee shall hold one copy of the altered labor contract.

7.2 An employer and an employee may cancel the labor contract upon consensus by consultation.

(a) An employee may cancel the labor contract if he informs the employer in written form 30 days in advance. During the probation period, an employee may cancel the labor contract if he informs the employer 0 days in advance.

(b) In the case of any of the following circumstances occurring to an employer, an employee may cancel the labor contract:

(1) It fails to provide labor protection or work conditions as stipulated in the labor contract;

(2) It fails to pay the full amount of remunerations in a timely manner;

(3) The bylaws thereof are inconsistent with any law or regulation and damage the rights and interests of the employee;

(4) A labor contract is invalid due to the circumstance that any party concludes or modifies, by way of deception or coercion or taking advantage of the other party’s difficulties, makes the other party to conclude or to make an amendment of a labor contract that is contrary to that party’s true will; or

(5) Any other circumstance as prescribed by law or administrative regulation under which the labor contract may be cancelled.

Where any employee is forced to work by violence, threat or illegally limiting his personal freedom, or is forced to perform dangerous operations which may endanger his personal safety under illicitly commands or forces of the employer, the employee may immediately cancel the labor contract without informing the employer in advance.

(c) In the case of any of the following circumstances occurring to an employee, the employer may cancel the labor contract:

(1) He has been proved not to satisfy the recruitment requirements during the probation period;

(2) He is in serious violation of the bylaws of the employer;

(3) He causes any severe damages to the employer due to his grave negligence to duties or seeking private benefits;

(4) He establishes a labor relationship with other employers at the same time and may seriously influence his completion of the work in this entity, or he refuses to make a correction after the employer has pointed it out;

(5) The labor contract is invalidated due to the circumstance that any party concludes or modifies, by way of deception or coercion or taking advantage of the other party’s difficulties, makes the other party to conclude or to make an amendment of a labor contract that is contrary to that party’s true will; or

(6) He is subject to criminal liabilities according to law.

(d) In the case of any of the following circumstances, the employer may cancel the labor contract after it notifies the employee himself in written form 30 days in advance or after it pays the employee an extra month’s salary:

(1) The employee falls ill or is injured for a non-work-related reason, and is not able to bear the original position after the expiration of the medical treatment period as prescribed, nor can he assume any other position as arranged by the employer;

(2) The employee is incapable of doing his job and remains so upon training or upon adjustment to his position; or

(3) The objective circumstance on which the conclusion of the labor contract is based has changed significantly, which results in that the labor contract is unable to be performed and no agreement concerning the modification of contents of the labor contract is reached after consultation between the employer and the employee.

(e) In the case of any of the following circumstances occurring to an employee, the employer may not cancel the labor contract in accordance with the aforesaid provisions:

(1) Any employee who conducts operations exposing him to occupational disease hazards has not gone through an occupational health check before leaving his position, or is suspected of having an occupational disease and is under diagnoses or medical observation;

(2) Any employee who has an occupational disease or was injured at work and has lost or partially lost his capacity to work as confirmed during his employment with the employer;

(3) Any employee who is suffering from illness or is injured not at work, and the period of medical treatment as prescribed therefore has not expired;

(4) Any female employee is in her pregnancy, confinement or lactation period;

(5) Any employee has been working for the employer for more than 15 years continuously and it is less than five years away from his legal retirement age; or

(6) Other circumstances as prescribed by laws or administrative regulations.

(f) In any of the following circumstances, this Contract shall be terminated:

(1) Labor Contract expires;

(2) The employee dies, or is declared dead or missing by a People’s Court;

(3) The Company is declared bankrupt in accordance with the law;

(4) The Company has its business license revoked, is ordered to close or is closed down, or the employer decides on early liquidation;

(5) Other circumstances specified by laws and administrative regulations.

7.3 In the event that any condition agreed by both Parties on the termination of the Contract happens, this Contract shall be terminated immediately.

Effect of termination

8.1 Upon the termination of this Agreement:

(a) all documents, records, correspondences, accounts, statistics or other property relating to the business or affairs of the Company or any member of the Group kept in custody, possession or under the control of the Employee and all copies thereof or extracts made shall be and remain the property of the Company or the relevant member of the Group and shall forthwith be delivered up to the Company acting for itself and as agent for the relevant member of the Group; and

(b) the Employee shall not at any time thereafter represent himself still to be connected with or as an employee of the Company.

8.2 Notwithstanding termination of this Agreement, Clauses 9 to 10 hereof shall continue to apply and survive such termination.

Intellectual Property Right

9.1 The parties foresee that the Employee may make, discover or create Intellectual Property in the course of his duties under this Agreement and agree that in this respect, the Employee has a special obligation to further the interests of the Company.

9.2 If at any time during his employment under this Agreement, the Employee makes or discovers or participates in the making or discovery of any Intellectual Property, full details of the Intellectual Property shall be immediately communicated from him to the Company and shall be the absolute property of the Company. The Employee shall give and supply such information, data, drawings and assistance as may be required to enable the Company to exploit the Intellectual Property to the best advantage and shall execute all documents and do all things which may be necessary or desirable for obtaining patent or other protection for the Intellectual Property in such parts of the world as may be specified by the Company and for vesting the same in the Company or as the Company may direct.

9.3 The Employee irrevocably appoints the Company to be his attorney in his name and on his behalf to sign execute or do any such instrument and generally to use his name for the purpose of giving to the Company (or nominee of the Company) the full benefit of the provisions of this Clause and in favor of any third party a certificate in writing signed by any director or the secretary of the Company that any instrument or act falls within the authority conferred by this Clause shall be conclusive evidence that such is the case.

9.4 Rights and obligations under this Clause shall continue in force after termination of this Agreement in respect of the Intellectual Property made during the Employee's employment under this Agreement.


10.1 The Employee is aware that in the course of employment under this Agreement, he may have access to and be entrusted with information in respect of the business and financing of the Company or any member of the Group and their dealings, transactions and affairs all of which information may be confidential.

10.2 The Employee shall not (except in proper course of his duties) during or after the period of his employment under this Agreement divulge to any person whatever or otherwise make use of (and shall use his best endeavors to prevent the publication or disclosure of) any trade secret or secret development process or any confidential information concerning the businesses or finances of the Company or any member of the Group and their dealings, transactions or affairs or any of their suppliers, agents, distributors or customers. Trade secrets refer to relevant technologies used in the business of the Company or the materials in the non-technical materials whether with patent right or not though not publicized (including but not limited to the materials, equipments, design, technique, prescription, project, product, expense, financial data, marketing plan, list of customers and suppliers, business forecast, etc.)

10.3 All notes and memoranda of any trade secrets or confidential information concerning the businesses of the Company or any member of the Group or any of their suppliers, agents, distributors or customers which shall be acquired, received or made by the Employee during the course of his employment shall be the property of the Company and shall be surrendered by the Employee to someone duly authorized in that behalf at the termination of his employment or at the request of the Company at any time during the course of his employment.

10.4 The employee undertakes to strictly observe the confidentiality system of the Company; and during the employment period and after the termination of the employment relationship, the employee must keep silent on the explicit commercial and business secrets and the knowledge and experiences acquired during the employment as interests of the Company will be damaged for sharing and using the knowledge and experiences gained to any third party). Without any authorization provided from the Company, the employee shall keep silent in front of other employees of the Company and/ or Group. The employee is liable for the losses incurred for failing to perform this duty.

10.5 Provided that the employee violates his duties specified in this Clause, the Company is entitled to claim for compensation for the breach of contract whatever the form is. The penalty is up to RMB 1 million. The right of claiming for compensation for the loss exceeding the penalty shall not be influenced, including but not limited to the losses incurred for the employee disclosing or embezzling the trade secrets (including marketing and know-how) of the employer.

Labor Discipline
11.1 The Company shall establish various company policies in accordance with the laws; inform the employees of such; and inform them of any changes to these policies.

11.2 All the rules and regulations formulated by the Company in accordance with the laws, once released internally in writing, become the public labor discipline and work discipline policies. The employees will be bound to these policies and they should be strictly observed.

11.3 The employee shall observe the rules and regulations formulated by the Company in accordance with the laws; and strictly observe all labor safety and health, development techniques, operation procedures and working provisions; take care of the assets of the Company, and observe the professional ethics, as well as complete the tasks assigned by the Company on time. Where the employee violates the labor discipline and the rules and regulations, the Company is entitled to take disciplinary measures against the employee in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Company, until this Contract is terminated.

11.4 The employee undertakes and guarantees

(1) That the personal materials and certificates (including but not limited to the identity certificate, diploma, qualification certificate, certificate for a technical post, proof of work experience, etc.) provided by the employee are valid and true;

(2) During the term of the Contract, there is no other employment relationship between the employee and any other employer.

(3) To observe various rules and regulations formulated by the Company, including the labor discipline;

(4) During the term of the Contract, not to hold shares or work concurrently in a company and/ or enterprise that competes with the Company and/ or Group, and/ or in the same industry as the Company and/ or have considerable business dealings with the Company.

(5) that all inventions of the employee while serving the Company and all job-related inventions of the employee made within one year after the employee leaves the Company belong to the Company. The patent application right, patent rights, associated rights concerned and sales income belong to the company that the employee served; the employee holds no objection to this.


12.1 Any Party’s failure to exercise any right hereto shall not be deemed as the exemption or waiver to the right.

12.2 This Contract together with the Appendices attached hereto constitute the full and entire agreement with respect to the subject matter and shall supersede all previous correspondences, representations or agreements (whether oral or in writing) between the parties and if there is any existing employment agreement of the parties, the same shall be automatically terminated on the Commencement Date.

12.3 Any variation to this Agreement shall be made in writing and signed by the parties hereto.

12.4 If any Clause of this Agreement is declared unenforceable or invalid by a court of law, then such Clause shall be reduced in scope such that it becomes enforceable and valid and to the extent that such reduction in scope is insufficient to render it enforceable and valid, such Clause shall be severed and the remaining Clauses of this Agreement shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

12.5 Labor disputes between both Parties shall be settled firstly through negotiations. Should no consensus be reached through negotiations, the dispute may be submitted for arbitration to the Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission of the place where the Company operates. The Party lodging the arbitration shall put forth a written application within sixty days as of the date when the labor dispute occurs; the Party appealing against the arbitration award may lodge a complaint to the People’s Court.

12.6 Party A and Party B shall settle matters uncovered in this Contract through negotiations. In the event of any discrepancy between articles agreed in this Contract and relevant state or regional laws, regulations and provisions, the state or regional laws, regulations and provisions shall prevail. In the event of the promulgation of any new law, regulation, provision in the state or the region while implementing this Contract, the new law, regulation and provision shall prevail.

12.7 This Contract will come into force once signed by both Parties.

12.8 This Contract is made in duplicate in the Chinese and English languages. The Company and the employee hold one copy respectively. In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto executed this Agreement the day and year first above written.

Legal Representative (or Principal):

Company Seal:

“Employee (Signature)”:

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3 version chinoise le Ven 29 Nov - 4:42







1.1 本协议中,除上下文另有要求外,下列表达应有如下含义:
“董事会 ”指公司全体董事组成的委员会或者经正当授权的委员会或者其组成人员(如有)。
“起始日期”指 年 月 日,即本劳动合同生效日。
1.2 表单数之词应包括复数,反之亦然。
1.3 表任何性别之词包括所有性别,表示人之词应包括个人、公司、团体,反之亦然。
1.4 除上下文另有要求,对条款或分条款的参考指对本《劳动合同》条款或分条款的参考。
1.5 标题只为阅读之方便,不构成本协议之一部分,且不影响对本合同的理解或解释。
1.6 “本协议”应指本《劳动合同》及其附件(如有)。
1.7 对任何法律、法规、条例、规章的参阅应包括对随时修改、合并或重新颁布的法律、法规、规章的参阅。

2.1 根据本合同条款,公司应雇用员工,员工应服务于公司和/或集团。
2.2 公司雇用员工担任资深质量控制员一职。员工具体职位描述(包括职位和/或工作类型)可参阅本合同2.4款的规定。为业务之需要及在事先对员工进行解释的前提下,公司有权调整员工岗位,员工可以同意公司对其岗位作适当调整。
2.3 不论任何之相反规定,自起始日起,员工将承担 个月的试用期。本合同为无期限合同,起始日为 年 月 日。
2.4 职位描述与要求包括但不限于如下:
- 根据客户的要求,确保原料,包装和产品装配。监督并且指导其他质量监督员的工作。

2.5 员工不得为自己或为他人经营公司和/或集团业务范围内之业务。除非公司事先书面授权,本合同期限内,员工不得同时在与本公司和/或集团相竞争的、与公司和/或集团处于同一产业的、或公司和/或集团的客户或合作伙伴的任何公司或企业任职,或加入该公司或企业。
2.6 基于工作需要及双方协商一致同意,公司和/或集团有权调整员工职位及工作地点。公司应以适当方式向员工提供新岗位之书面信息,向员工说明该情况,并对员工重新安排岗位和/或重新安排工作地点的原因负责解释。除员工不胜任其岗位公司有权调整或变更其岗位的情形外,其他情况下,对于岗位变更、工作地点变更及工作职责应通过双方协商确定。
3.1 在雇用期间,员工应:
(a) 在能力范围内勤勉忠实地服务于公司和/或集团(如公司要求),在该能力范围内投身于公司和/或集团的业务,并尽其最大之努力拓展公司和/或集团业务,在所有事务中,对公司忠实履行;
(b) 履行董事会随时分配的与公司和/或集团业务相关的职责,该职责分配的依据为董事会根据随时作出的关于员工职责、权力及行使方式的决议、规定或指示;
(c) 以其知识、技术及专业技能服务于公司;
(d) 对于与其在本协议下之权力职责相关的所有事务,(如经要求,以书面形式)使董事会及时完全知情;
(e) 尽其最大努力,在履行本协议义务、行使本协议权力过程中,遵守董事会随时作出的决议,规定和指示;
(f) 根据其在本协议项下之职责,为集团提供服务,并(除非双方另行约定,无另外报酬)接受董事会随时要求的职位或职责。
3.2 员工应在董事会随时指示的地点在中国工作,并根据董事会随时指示或公司业务之需要在世界各地出差。
3.3 员工应与公司或集团其他公司的其他管理人员或员工一起履行其职责,行使其权力。董事会可在任何时候要求员工停止履行其本协议之职责或行使其本协议之权力。
4.1 根据员工对本协议项下职责之履行,在其受雇用期间:
(a) 基于下列(b)款,公司应每月向员工支付税前工资 元人民币,工资逐日累计,结算日为当月最后一天。
(b) 公司应根据相关发票或收据偿付员工在履行其与公司及集团业务相关的职责时合理发生的临时费用。
4.2 每年,管理层将对所有员工进行评估,以决定工资增长率。基于公司财务状况,员工可能增长工资,也可能不增长。若公司决定不增长工资,员工不得针对公司提出任何主张。
4.3 每年,公司有权对员工支付或不支付绩效奖金。若公司决定不支付绩效奖金,员工不得针对公司提出任何主张。
4.4 除本协议4.1款所述之报酬外,作为公司或集团其他成员的管理人员或职员,无权主张任何与其提供的本协议规定之服务有关的其他报酬、补偿或费用。
5.1 在业务需要的条件下公司有权调整员工的工作班次和休息日,但保证员工至少能每星期休息一天。
5.2 公司应依法安排员工享有法定假日(包括元旦、春节、五一节、国庆节及法律规定的其他节日)。
5.3 员工每年有权根据对公司的服务情况获得5个工作日的带薪假期,该假期应在顾及公司或集团业务需要后对公司而言方便的时候进行。请假申请应提交给部门经理并获得批准。额外地员工有权获得5天的病假,病假应提供医生开具的病假证明。
5.4 假期不能累计,且必须在每年12月31日前休完。任何未休完的年假将在12月31日之后作废。
6.1 在本协议雇用期间,员工应遵守下列规定(如同每项规定为员工与公司之间独立协议的标的):
(a) 员工应尽其最大之努力提高公司或集团(如公司要求)的利益、业务及盈利能力;
(b) 除非生病或发生意外,员工应将其所有办公时间投入其职责,并应随时关注其职责。本款为特定条款,且不论任何之相反规定,员工可根据公司及集团的业务需要(如公司要求),在工作时间之外的时间无偿履行其职责。
(c) 员工行为应适当且庄重。
(d) 未经董事会同意,员工不得从公司或集团的合作伙伴处收取或索取任何礼物或金钱利益或其他有价物。
(e) 员工不得与公司或集团内公司外的任何人或公司进行合作,或为其从事任何业务或提供任何协助,除非征得董事会同意。
(f) 除事先获得董事会事先书面授权,员工无权代表公司或集团内任何公司订立、签署或执行任何与第三方(包括集团内任何公司)的合同、协议或任何文件。
7.1 公司与员工可基于协商一致,修改劳动合同中规定的内容。对劳动合同之修改应以书面方式进行。公司与员工各执一份修改后的劳动合同。
7.2 公司与员工可基于协商一致解除本协议。
(a) 员工可提前30日书面通知公司解除本协议。试用期期间, 员工可提前0日书面通知公司解除本协议
(b) 如公司有下列情形之一,员工可解除本协议:
(1) 未提供劳动合同规定的劳动保护或工作条件;
(2) 未及时全额支付员工工资;
(3) 公司规章违反任何法律法规且损害员工权益;
(4) 一方以欺诈、胁迫或趁人之危的方式签订或修改本协议、使他方违背其真实意愿签订或修改劳动合同的,劳动合同无效;
(5) 其他法律或行政法规规定的解除劳动合同的情形。
(c) 员工有下列情形之一,公司可终止劳动合同:
(1) 试用期间被证明不符合录用条件;
(2) 严重违反公司规章;
(3) 因严重失职或谋取私人利益而给公司造成任何严重损害;
(4) 同时与其他雇主建立劳动关系并可能严重影响其在本单位工作的完成情况,或在公司指出该事实后仍然拒绝改正;
(5) 因发生一方以欺诈、胁迫或趁人之危的方式签订或修改本协议、使他方违背其真实意愿签订或修改劳动合同的情形而导致劳动合同无效;
(6) 依法承担刑事责任的。
(d) 员工出现下列情形之一,公司可提前三十日通过书面通知或以额外支付一个月工资的形式,终止合同:
(1) 员工生病或非因公受伤,且在规定的治疗期间结束之后,不能从事原来工作,也不 能从事雇主安排的其它工作的;
(2) 员工不能胜任本职工作,并经培训或调整后仍不能胜任的;
(3) 签署劳动合同所依赖的客观情形发生重大变化,致使劳动合同无法履行,且雇主和员工之间未能就合同内容的修改达成一致的。
(e) 员工出现下列情形之一,公司不得依据上述条款解除劳动合同:
(1) 员工从事具有职业病危险的工作,在离岗前未进行职业病检查的,或被怀疑患有职业病并在治疗或医疗观察过程中的;
(2) 在与公司的劳动关系存续期间,员工患职业病或因公负伤而被确认全部或部分丧失劳动能力;
(3) 员工非因公患病或负伤,规定的医疗期未满的;
(4) 女员工在孕、产、哺乳期间;
(5) 连续在公司工作15年以上,且离法定退休年龄不足5年;
(6) 法律或行政法规规定的其他情形。
(f) 出现下列情形之一,本合同应予以终止:
(1) 劳动合同到期;
(2) 员工死亡或被人民法院依法宣告死亡或失踪;
(3) 公司被人民法院依法宣告破产;
(4) 公司被吊销营业执照,被关闭或被勒令关闭,或公司决定提前进行清算;
(5) 法律及行政法规规定的其他情形。
7.3 双方约定劳动合同终止的情形出现,本合同应立即终止。
8.1 本合同一经终止:
(a) 由员工保管、占有或控制的所有与公司经营、公司事务或集团任何成员有关的文件、记录、通信、账目、数据或其他财产,以及所有其复印件或摘录仍属公司或集团相关成员所有,应立即归还公司或集团相关成员的代理机构。
(b) 在其后的任何时间,员工均不得表示其与公司有联系或仍是公司员工。
8.2 不论本协议是否解除,本协议第9条至第10条仍应予以使用并将继续有效。
9.1 双方均预见到员工在履行本协议之职责过程中可能制作、发现或创造知识产权,双方同意在知识产权方面,员工负有特殊义务来促进公司盈利。
9.2 员工在雇用期间制作、发现,或参与制作或发现知识产权,其应将该知识产权的所有细节告知公司,该知识产权应为公司的绝对财产。员工应向公司提供为最大限度利用该知识产权所需要的信息、数据、图纸及协助,并为公司在指定地方获取专利或其他知识产权保护及将该权利赋予公司之需要而签署所有必须之文件及做所有必须之事。
9.3 员工应指定公司为其代理人,代表其签署该文件或办理该事务,并为将该条款规定的全部利益赋予公司(或被公司推荐的人)之目的而使用其姓名,根据第三方的要求,出具由公司董事或秘书签署的书面证明,证明在该条款所赋予权力范围内的任何文件或行为皆为上述事实的确定证据。
9.4 该条款中与员工在雇用期间所创作的知识产权有关的权利和义务,在本协议解除后仍然有效。
10.1 员工清楚在本劳动合同履行期间,其可能获知、保管与公司或集团成员业务、财务及其处理、买卖、或事务相关的信息,该信息应为保密信息。
10.2 本劳动合同履行期间或期满后,除正当履行职责外,员工均不得向任何人泄漏或以其他方式使用(且应尽最大努力阻止该信息的发布或披露)公司或集团成员的任何商业秘密或秘密制作过程或涉及业务或财务的任何保密信息,及供应商、代理商、分销商或客户信息。商业秘密指在公司业务中使用的相关技术,或未被公开的,不论是否已取得专利权的非技术材料中的材料(包括但不限于原料、设备、设计、技术、配方、计划、产品、费用、财务数据、营销计划、客户及供应商名单、业务预测等)。
10.3 员工在雇用期间所取得、接收或制作的所有与公司或集团成员的业务相关的或者与其供应商、代理商或客户相关的任何商业秘密或保密信息的笔记及备忘录均为公司财产,员工应在本协议终止时或本协议存续期间的任何时候,依照公司要求将其交给经公司正式授权的人。
10.4 员工承诺严格遵守公司保密制度;在雇用期间及劳动关系终止后,员工必须对其在雇用期间获取的明确的商业及经营秘密和知识经验保密信息,因为若其被第三方取得并加以利用则会损害公司利益。未经公司授权,员工也应对公司或集团其他员工保密。员工应对其怠于履行该义务而造成的损失负责。
10.5 若员工违反该条款所述之义务,不论该违约是何种形式,公司有权根据其违约行为对其进行索赔。赔偿数额为人民币一百万元,对超过赔偿数额的索赔权不应受影响,包括但不限于因员工披露或盗用公司商业秘密而造成损失。
11.1 公司应依法制定并公布各类公司政策,还应告知公司政策的任何变化。
11.2 公司依法制定的规章制度一旦在公司内部以书面形式发布,即成为公共劳动纪律和工作纪律。员工应受该纪律约束,并严格遵守。
11.3 员工应遵守公司依法制定的规章制度,严格遵守所有劳动安全与健康、制造技术、操作程序及工作规定,维护公司财产,遵守职业规范,及时完成公司分配的任务。员工违反劳动纪律及规章制度,公司有权根据公司规章制度对员工采取纪律处分措施,直至本合同终止。
11.4 员工承诺:
(1) 提供给公司的个人资料和证件(包括但不限于身份证、学历证、资格证、技术岗位证、工作经验证明等)是真实有效的。
(2) 在本合同期间,没有与其他任何雇主存在任何雇用关系。
(3) 遵守公司制定的各类规章制度和劳动纪律。
(4) 在本合同履行期间,不同时在与公司和/或集团有竞争的、处于同一产业的或者与之有大量业务往来关系的公司工作或成为其股东。
(5) 员工在为公司服务期间的所有发明创作及员工离职后一年内的所有与工作有关的发明创作均应属于公司所有。专利申请权、专利权、与其相关的权利及转让权利的收入均属于公司,员工对此不得持有异议。

12.1 一方未行使本合同项下之权利,不得被视为对该权利的放弃。
12.2 本合同与所附之附件构成完整协议,并取代之前双方之间所有的通信、表述或协议(不论口头或书面的),若双方之间已存在协议,则该协议应于本合同生效日自行终止。
12.3 对于本协议的任何修改应以书面形式进行,并应经双方签字。
12.4 若本协议之任何条款被法院宣布为不可执行或无效,则该条款应被简化至使其得以可执行或生效的程度,若该简化不足以使该条款可执行或有效,则应舍弃该条款,本协议之其他条款应在法律允许的最大限度内持续有效并具有可执行性。
12.5 双方之间的劳动争议应首先通过协商解决。协商不能解决的,可提交公司所在地的劳动争议仲裁委员会进行仲裁。提起仲裁方应在劳动争议出现之日其六十日内提交书面仲裁申请。对仲裁裁决不服的一方可向人民法院起诉。
12.6 双方应通过协商解决本协议未涉之事项。本协议规定与相关法律、法规、规章相悖的,按相关法律、法规、规章之规定执行。若本协议期间任何有关国家或地方的新法律、法规、规章颁布,则按该新法律、法规、规章执行。
12.7 本协议经双方签字后生效。
12.8 本协议以中英文签订,一式二份。公司与员工各执一份。中英文版本有出入时,以中文版本为准。




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